Thursday, 22 December 2011

Encouraging Quotes about Our Single Years

The key to finding the person God wants you to marry is to go to sleep in God's will, to rest completely in Jesus Christ and allow His will to be done.  Perhaps this is the only thing keeping some of you from getting married.  It is not that the person is not available.  It is that you are not available to God as you should be so that God can bring that person into your life.  Sleep in the will of God and allow God to bring to you the person of His choosing.

Remember during this time of singleness that the primary lover of your soul is the Lord Himself, and as you lean steadfastly on His faithfulness, you will always draw comfort from Him before and after marriage.

It requires courage to do things God’s way, to wait for His timing and to trust that He will bring you and your life partner together according to His perfect plan.  It takes courage to obey when you do not understand.

Choose to desire the very best marriage and refuse to lower your standard or settle for average.  If we desire a godly, loving husband, we need to do our part by preparing to be the best marriage partner that we can be.  This starts today. Right now.

When the Lord brings the right one into your life, He’ll give you opportunities to get to know him.  It is essential to remember that there is no reason to cultivate a romantic relationship for any other reason than the objective of marriage.

Pray for a man after God’s own heart - pray for a David.  Pray for a man whose life is devoted to the Lord so that as you give yourself to him, you will be using your life to bring forth fruit that is eternal.  Pray for a man who loves Christ more than he loves you.  Pray for a man upon whom God’s blessing is evident.

Times of waiting take us to deeper levels of trust, strengthens our faith, remind us to abide in Christ and teach us to delight in the Lord.  If we can learn now how to patiently rest in the Lord, think how invaluable this “skill” will be throughout our entire lives.

The secret to a happy marriage is very simple.  The secret is to live a self-giving, self-sacrificing life, not a self-serving life.        

Keep your standards high and keep trusting that that Knight in Shining Armour is out there for you and set yourself aside completely in purity for that person.

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