Thursday, 16 February 2012


***A letter or a poem to one you love... along with a picture in a frame or card.

***Gifts of your time–‑these can be given to anyone... jobs you can do, things you can make, transportation you can provide, calls you can make.

***Magazine subscriptions - these are a favourite in many homes and you can bring a lot of joy to a family by remembering them with a gift subscription.

***Maybe this is the year you would like to present a child with a new Bible, or a special journal and pen.


***A tree or plants for the home.

***A bucket of tools, gloves, bulbs, seeds, kneeling pad for weeding and gardening.

***A basket of mugs, hot chocolate mix and marshmallows, cookies and a book of poetry.

***A harmonica and a songbook.

***An apron, cookbook stand, kitchen timer or clock.

***Wall calendar for the current year! Maybe find one in a wooden wall frame (or make one!)

***A basket of rubber stamps, ink, pens, blank stationery.

***Sew a pair of satin pillow cases.

***Do a chore(s) for someone!!!! Clean & vacuum the car; paint the bathroom; rake the yard; cut and stack the wood; clean the fridge; sew some curtains; make a plan to prune the trees; do a basket of mending or a basket of ironing.

***Kitchen towels, washcloths, pot‑holders

***Plastic numbers and letters for the refrigerator - magnets, picture holder magnets

***Hair care supplies, brush, comb, clips or bands

***Bouquet of flowers, vase

***Candles, doily and box of pretty matches

***Bath bubbles, salts, sponge, soaps, candles, powder

***Teapot, teacups, teas, vanilla sugar, paper doilies, butter cookies

***CD of hymns or special music

***DVD of favourite movie or an instructional video

***New journal, pens, book mark, candle

***Finger paint, finger paint paper, sponges cut into shapes.

***Music lessons

***Put together a basket of mixes or ingredients for a special meal.

***A basket of tools and a "how to" project book.

***A basket of kitchen gadgets... and favourite recipes you write out on cards.

***If you are a canner and baker, a basket of items you canned this summer along with a couple of baked goods.

***And for your neighbours, a plate of assorted cookies and a special card with the message of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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