Thursday, 2 February 2012

I know we're not at that age yet, but still....

You Know You've Been Watching Your Grandkids a Long Time When...

1. The soap dispenser has more water in it than soap.
2. When you go into the pantry in the morning, the cereal boxes are all opened and there are crumbs on the floor.
3. Your house looks like the Caterpillar Room in Toy Story 3
4. You begin to believe that their mom really does allow them to watch Star Wars every day.
5. You've broken up more fights than the United Nations.
6. You don't panic when your grandson announces that he just finished off the chocolate milk from the Red Robin glass that has been sitting in a hot car for over 24 hours.
7. Nobody can find the TV remote, the DVD remote, or half the Wii remotes.
8. You wonder why you ask who did it, because you know everyone's answer will obviously be, "Not me".
9. They have more loop-holes in your instructions than a legal firm could find.
10. When someone asks them, "Who is looking forward to seeing Mommy and Daddy tomorrow?" your hand is the first one in the air.

1 comment:

  1. haha! Classic!!!! :) I think Aunties and Uncles sometimes can say this just as much as Grandparents!! :) I can assure you I do number 10 quite a bit!! haha :D
    Gotta love nieces and nephews though.. even if they do drive you up the wall...occasionally ;)