Monday, 5 March 2012

The Vapour of Life

I wrote the following a week or two after the tragic death of Lloyd Walker...hope it challenges and blesses you like it has me!

The Vapour of Life

The past few weeks have been difficult ones for me because I have had to come to grips with the deaths of 3 friends in two weeks….the latest one was a young man only a few years older than me.  That in particular shook me up quite a bit, because he died in a tragic car accident.  It has been difficult to accept that he isn’t around anymore – just as quick as anything, he’s gone.  I have been forced to realize that Death is no respecter of persons – it can – and will – come to anybody and everybody, and just because you are under a certain age doesn’t mean that you are invincible from being touched by death. 
I know that the Lord says when it’s the time for a person to die – and all three of these people were Christians, so they are now beholding the face of their Lord and Saviour – but it still makes you stop and think about your own life.  What if it’s my turn next to die?  Am I ready to leave this world and to see my Maker? 
When it’s one of your peers that dies, it really makes you stop and think where your own life is headed, and that you have to make sure that you are ready NOW to meet your Saviour, because you don’t know what even today might bring.  I know that for the young man, he never would’ve dreamed that the day he died was his last day on earth.  I wonder what he would’ve done differently if he had have known – even what his family would’ve done differently if they had have known that he wasn’t going to be with them for much longer. 
It has made me think, too – how would I live my life if I knew that I only had one more day to live?  What would I say to my family? Confess to them? Treat them?  Would I be concerned about what I was doing and seeking to do only that more than being concerned about others?  Would I want to get out and share to the unsaved people in my community about Christ has done for them, and what He will do for them if they allow Him into their hearts and lives? 
This is a challenge I’d like to put to each and every one of you….live your life as though you are living your last day on earth.   If you get any more days, count them as a bonus, but still live them as though they were your last days on earth.  It will change the way how you view life, view your family, view the world, and most of all, view where you are spiritually.
We only have one life to live, and it very quickly passes – so live it to the fullest for the Lord!!!

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  1. Thankyou Beth... what a great challenge!

    I'm praying for you...
    Em xox