Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Purposeful Singleness

For those of us who are still in the life-stage of singleness, there is no need to fear these years between finishing school and becoming a married woman.  There are many areas we, as young women, are able to take part in, and can be used to be a blessing to others and also beneficial for our future marriage and child-rearing.
Are you part of a large family?  Or do you know a large family who might need an extra pair of hands to assist with daily living?  What a wonderful way to prepare for running your own home!  I know that for myself, when I’ve helped other families in different ways, how invaluable the experiences has been, even though I’m not using it yet.
The list could go on with ideas of how you can fill your single years…teaching music lessons—of teaching anything that you have a good amount of knowledge about…and as you pass on your knowledge, it will become more ingrained in your own mind and be more helpful to you.  Improve your homemaking skills such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, clothes washing….do a short course like First Aid, book-keeping or something that will potentially be helpful when you’re married or even now while you’re under your father’s authority; there’s a multitude of courses available that are beneficial and suitable for Christian young ladies.  I’m sure you will be able to think of ways that you can use your years of singleness to the utmost, and please the Lord in the process.  Is there a young girl in your church that needs a “big sister”?  Can you see something at church that needs tending to?  Do it, without being asked to do it, and without expecting thanks—do it because you want to be a blessing to your pastor and to your fellow Christians in the church.
But whatever you do, “do all to the glory of God”, and insure that your parents are happy for you to go ahead with it, for—after all—they are your God-given authority at this time of your life, and what better way to show your love for the Lord than to obey and love your parents willing, and to heed their counsel!
So may I encourage all the single Christian women to use these beautiful years of singleness to attend to the things of the Lord and developing skills that will make you better equipped for married.
From a fellow Christian single young woman,
Bethany Davies.


  1. Being a "Big Sister" is awesome! :) So I second that..if there is someone you know,or someone in your church that needs a "big sister" it! :) -thanks for sharing Beth :)

  2. Hey, thanks so much for putting my blog on your blog list! I pray that God will use that link to futher glorify Him and His kingdom.

    Purely His author and Sister in Christ,