Monday, 23 April 2012

Things I Am Thankful For

        1.       Eternal Life in Christ
2.       The Gift of Womanhood
3.      A Loving Family
4.      A Warm Home
5.      My Piano
6.      Memories
7.      Friends
8.      Books
9.      Music
10.   The Mountains around me
11.    Laughter
12.    Hugs
13.   God’s Promises
14.   Being Homeschooled
15.   Scripture verses coming to mind at just the right time
16.   Reading inspiring blogs
17.   Little random acts of kindness
18.   God’s abiding, ever-present Presence
19.   Living in Australia
20.  Having a copy of God’s Word in my own language
21.    Food to eat
22.   My cello
23.   Green, lush grass
24.  Cool, clear water
25.   Snow in winter
26.  The beautiful colour during Autumn
27.   My eyesight
28.  The ability to read and write and comprehend what is written
29.  Teaching the 2, 3 and 4 year-olds in Sunday School
30.  Nice Clothes
31.   The telephone  J
32.   Opportunities to help others when needed
33.  Studying God’s Word with friends
34.  Being able to travel to visit some amazing places in Australia
35.  Rain
36.  Sunshine
37.  God’s patience with me
38.  White chocolate  JJ
39.  Excellent Christian DVDs
40. My cute Labrador – Lily
41.   The Peace of God which passes all understanding
42.  The Heroes of the Faith who have blazed the Christian trail before us
43.  The Religious Freedom in Australia
44. A Bible-believing church to worship at each Sunday
45.  Cooling Rain after a really hot summer’s day
46.  Being able to use the library’s internet, and not have to pay for it.  J
47. Scrapbooking
48. Cold, wintery days – the perfect opportunity to curl up before the fireplace and read a good book!
        49.Having a 21st party in a few months so I can see my friends again.  J


  1. Thanks for sharing Beth :) There are so many things to be thankful for! We are SOOO blessed in this country,and we so often,take it for granted..

  2. Aren't we blessed? We just have so many wonderful things to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing part of your list ;-)

    ~Kelsie-Anne~ xx