Monday, 21 May 2012

Job Definition

“What is your occupation?”  asks the questionnaire.  Being married to the most wonderful man makes me a wife.  Having three beautiful children makes me a mother.  Living in a home needing several finishing touches makes me a homemaker.  Creating the family’s culinary likes and making sure that the biscuit barrel is full makes me a chef.
Sewing on that missing button or making a dress makes me a seamstress.  Putting bandages on little grazed knees or staying up all night to cool a burning fever makes me a nurse.  Showing my five-year-old for the umpteenth time how to tire his shoelaces, or my three-year-old how to button his shirt makes me a teacher.
Ensuring that there are no bills outstanding and that mundane paperwork is up to date makes me a secretary.  Trying to fathom the reasons for the baby’s constant cries, wondering what is making the eldest play up, and knowing when it’s too quiet that the middle one is up to something makes me a psychologist.
My occupation?  I answer:  housewife.

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