Tuesday, 29 May 2012

POEM: Single-Hearted Virgins

I heard Him say, “Be single-hearted, My Bride.
The applause and shame of men despise.
Care not at all what they think and say,
Place thy eyes on Me: I will not delay.
Break at My Feet alone thy spikenard jar,
I want thy heart from Me not afar.
Incline to Me thy intimate thoughts;
Embrace the Narrow Road that is rough
For My Love is far better than wine;
For thou art Mine, and I am thine.
Run to Me despite what thy enemies tell,
I have crushed them under My feet; they all fell.
My Blood will cover thee in and out of need,
It will empower thee for multitudes to feed.
Examine My Word to find Me alone,
Each new day let Me rule in thy heart’s throne.
Be not afraid, I uphold thee in My Right Hand;
I am the One who will make thee stand.
My Grace, Love, and Peace have already sufficed;
I am thy Lover, thy Lord;
I am thy Christ.
Deny thy interests, give Me thy life;
I long to make thee a gracious Wife.”

The Single-Hearted Virgins were bought with a price;
Their affection and interest are for
the Risen Christ.
With undivided heart they delight in His Name;
To be His and His alone they are not ashamed.
In Adullam’s Cave they have joined their King;
In being hunted and despised for His sake they rejoice and sing.
There they are made ready for the fight,
Being freshly anointed with the Captain’s Might.
In pain and purging they cleave to the Spirit’s Sword;
In the Lord’s strength and grace they march forward.
The Lamb’s righteousness is their cloak,
And only in the Cross they dare to boast.
They become Mary sitting at Jesus’ Feet,
And following only where the Spirit leads.
With effectual fervent prayers they intercede;
Building up broken walls, standing for the least.
They do not indulge under a chapel’s bell,
But spend themselves within an yard from hell.
In the bedrock of unchangeable Truth they stand
Immovable and shielded by the Almighty Hand.
And this is the Single-Hearted Virgins’ cry:
“Give the Glory due to the Triune God on high!”

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