Thursday, 15 August 2013

Much Delayed Post

Greetings to all, and my sincerest apologies for not posting on here sooner......time has got away from me far too quickly. :/

The last few months have indeed been very busy for me, with Bible College and work - between the 2 there doesn't leave much leisure time :( but I am learning so much at College, and I wouldn't swap it for anything.

The month of July was our mid-year holidays, and my brother Matthew and I went home for 3 weeks, which we thoroughly enjoyed as it meant we got to see Mum as well as catch up with other friends. It was especially nice to see Mum again as we hadn't seen her since January and it was the longest period of time that we hadn't seen her.

The church we are at, is preparing for their annual Bible Conference (Encouraging a Passion for God Conference), and I, for one, am looking forward to being challenged and convicted :) Prayer would be appreciated, that God would be working in the lives of those who come to the Conference.

The last few months, the Lord has been teaching me about the need to wait on Him - especially in regards to my future. So often I have become impatient, wondering why the Lord isn't allowing certain things to happen in my life, and why He IS allowing other things to happen - and He just keeps reminding me, just to be still in His presence and let Him work everything out in HIS timing. Such a hard lesson to learn, but so necessary!

With love to all,

POEM: Keep Me

  1. In this wicked world am I,
    Watch Thou o’er me from on high;
    Keep my soul, lest I should be
    Led astray, O Lord, from Thee.
    • Refrain:
      All I am or hope to be,
      I commit, dear Lord, to Thee;
      Oh, preserve me in Thy love,
      Till I reach Thy courts above.
  2. Keep me spotless, keep me pure,
    Keep me lest the world allure;
    Keep me in Thy secret place,
    Where I e’er may see Thy face.
  3. Keep me guiltless night and day,
    Help me Thy commands obey;
    Keep me humble, let not pride
    Ever in my soul abide.
  4. Keep me gentle, let no word
    From my lips be ever heard
    That shall wound a tender heart,
    Cause a tear of grief to start.
  5. Keep me for Thyself alone,
    Nevermore to be mine own;
    Keep me in Thy favor sweet,
    In Thy grace and truth complete.
  6. -Charles Naylor